Scott S. / Riverside, TX

Lake Toledo Bend Fishing Trip

Mudfish Adventures Testimonial Scott from RiversideHello my name is Scott. I had the time of my life fishing with Capt. Scooby this past weekend. If you like adventure give Capt. Scooby a call. This is not your normal bass fishing trip. You ride in style in a Gator-Tail boat to the most isolated back areas of Toledo Bend where very few people have seen. After the awesome boat ride, we pulled into a small pocket of Cypress trees. Before we could get a rod the fish were breaking the surface chasing bait. We immediately started catching fish on top water baits. At one point of the morning, we had fish breaking the water all around the boat. The highlight of the day is while fishing around a point of Cypress trees it sounded like a cow fell in the water. We looked through the trees and a huge bass was way up in the brush chasing bait. She was too far in the brush to get to, but just seeing this trophy bass chasing bait and sloshing water was awesome. Sorry for the long winded testimonial but if you’re looking for something different and great adventure call Capt. Scooby. You won’t regret it.

Scott S.