Paul F. / Humble TX

I have fished with Scooby for the past 11 years. He is quite the joker and prankster so the trips have never been dull. We have fished fresh and salt water with excellent results. Scooby is very knowledgeable and skilled with all types of fishing tackle and boat operation. An example of him being a prankster was on our last trip to Toledo Bend when we started the day with a crawfish imitation lure. We began catching fish at a pretty steady pace when my soft plastic bait got torn so Scooby gave me a replacement. My bites came to an abrupt halt….nada. I continued to cast and cast with nothing to show for it; however, Scooby was catching fish at a fast clip. I finally realized that something had to be wrong so I compared our baits and sure enough, Scooby’s lure was slightly different than mine. He laughed for a solid ten minutes and still laughs about it today. I put the correct bait on and started catching fish again.

He has a boat that will take you to places a conventional boat just can’t go. You will see places on Toledo Bend that many people will never see. I can’t say that every trip will be one that loads the boat with huge fish because that’s just not how fishing works but I will say that you will remember your trip for years.

Enjoy your trip and ask Scooby about his lure swap on me.