Mike A.

Hello my name is Mike A. and I recently made a trip with Captain Scooby on Toledo Bend Reservoir in Deep East Texas on the Texas/Louisiana border.  This is not your everyday fishing trip on Toledo Bend.  We had not gone far and we were jumping stumps and rolling over logs.  Not to worry because we were in a Gator Tail Boat that Captain Scooby had designed from top to bottom to go anywhere he wants.  If you want to see sights and fish water that most people have never seen, this is your man.  When he stopped the boat and we began fishing I saw an osprey nest that is something you do not see every day.  That day the fishing was fantastic and believe me I know, I have been living on the Big Pond for over 20 years.  I use to guide many years ago and some days its chicken and the next its feathers, but that is fishing.  Captain Scooby is an excellent fisherman and he knows his craft well. If you want a great time on the lake with lots of fun and laughter I highly recommend Captain Scooby for the job.