Dr. Bill S. Jr. / Cold Spring TX

Saltwater Testimonial

My first guided fishing trip was to Houma, Louisiana with Captain Steve “Scooby” Stubbe.  It was a Redfish Tournament sponsored by Gator Tail. The trip was something I will never forget.  Captain Scooby was very knowledgeable about fishing techniques and theories.  He was very giving with his information and wanted me to catch fish.  We got some advice from some of the locals where to start our fishing adventure.  When fishing in Louisiana, you had to go where the fish were.  With his Gator Tail boat that he guides in, we had to go “up in the marshes” where the fish were. I was amazed where he was taking us in his boat hoping we would not get stuck. But with his professional boating skills there was nothing to worry about. Within minutes we both had “nice” Redfish ripping the line off our reels. Would I take another guided trip with Mudfish Adventures? Absolutely! I would go again tomorrow….

Thank you Captain Scooby for the fishing experience in Houma Louisiana.

Till next trip….

Freshwater Testimonial

Dear Captain Scooby,

This was my second guided fishing trip with Mudfish Adventures.  This trip was at Toledo Bend.  I had never been much of a bass fisherman till now.  It started early in the morning when you picked me up at the marina to start our day.  As on my first trip, your knowledge of your fishing environment made it more comfortable knowing I was going to come with some fish.  As your Gator Tail rumbled through the water you starting taking short cuts through marsh and weeds to prime fishing holes.  As we entered a cut that opened into a flat, you suggested I try this lure and throw it along this point where a tree had fallen.  With the second cast, the rod tip bent completely over.  You help me finesse my catch to the boat.  My first 5lb bass I ever caught on a lake!  We made it to the flat area to fish over the marsh bed. What I really enjoyed was the other boats could not get where we were at due to the depth.  So there was no fishing pressure.

The second area we went fishing basically was a cove about 40 yards round.  It was full of hydrilla and lilly pads. Your Gator Tail made that possible.  We stopped at the mouth and threw some top water lures over the cover.  It was exciting.  One explosion of water after another…..

So again Captain Scooby, thanks for a unbelievable fishing trip.

Mudfish Adventures is the only guide service I would ever use for my fresh or saltwater needs.

Till next trip…..

Dr. Bill S. Jr.