Bill B. / Sequim, WA

Hello my name is Bill B. and I have been in the fishing industry for 38 years.
I travel and fish all over the country working with people to develop fishing rods for technique specific, specie specific and area specific applications.
In my line of work I have the opportunity to fish in many different and unique areas..
I met Capt. Scooby at a Fishing Rod Building Expo that I was presenting at. I had the opportunity to sit with him and talk about his Very Unique ADVENTURE..
I was instantly drawn to his Passion and his personality (he is quite the character).. we instantly hit it off as I also have a passion for fishing and am considered a “character” myself.
We planned the ADVENTURE and I remember him telling me that it was a very unique experience/Adventure, I like unique and different..
He is very well equipped and has all the right tools for the job..
It was not disappointing at all… the whole Adventure was an experience. I have never done anything like it.
I remember thinking we are on the hottest lake in the country ( Toledo Bend) and we are not seeing any other fisherman.
We had a great time and even caught some fish. He is very easy to get along with and “works” really hard to make sure you understand and enjoy the Adventure.
I would recommend taking the Adventure to anyone..

I genuinely enjoyed my trip!!! Thanks again!

Bill B.