Fly Fishing


Mudfish Adventures uses a custom built Gator-Tail boat with a 35 hp air cooled modified mud motor. This boat is the most exciting way to get to your fishing area. With this special low draft four wheeled drive type boat your guide can get you around the marshes in search of a fish of a lifetime. The back marshes of Toledo Bend Lake offers Fly casting to multiple structures that could be around any Cypress tree, Willow tree, stump field, log, lay down, grass, vegetation, lily pads, etc. This is where you have an opportunity to set the hook on a Big Green Back (Black Bass) that will inhale your fly.


Mudfish Adventures is open year round for fly fishing for Black Bass and any of the other species listed.


  • During the Spring months the bass will be shallow so you have an opportunity for a possible double digit bass.
  • Summer months the bass start schooling on the surface in different areas of the lake.
  • Fall to Winter the bass come back shallow again and put on a feed.


Toledo Bend Lake is approximately 65 miles long and is located on the borders of East Texas and Louisiana. This unique lake is 2-3 hours from major cities like Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Lake Charles, LA and Shreveport, LA. This lake produced on record 115 bass over 10 pounds last year.



Mudfish Adventures fly fishes exclusively the backcountry of Toledo Bend Lake in Texas for primarily Black Bass. Toledo Bend Lake is so unique that other species like Bluegill, Crappie, Catfish, Pickerel, Gar, Grinnell, Red Tail Carp, Stripers and White Bass are also available to a fly fish when seasonal water temperatures allow. Each guided fly trip can be tailored to your taste or skill level.


Toledo Bend’s average Black Bass you can catch on a fly range from 1-5 pounds and if you are lucky you could catch one over 10 pounds. It could be just a breath away.


Anyone can fly fish. If you have always wanted to learn to fly fish and need a lesson, Capt. Steve can teach you the basics on land or on the water.


Book your fly fishing adventure with Mudfish Adventures! You might just catch that fly fish of a lifetime!


Captain Steve (Scooby) Stubbe


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