It’s November 11, 2019 – Veterans Day, Thanking all those who served!

Capt. Scooby Scout Day on Toledo Bend Lake, Texas!  Launched at Alpine Marina at 7:00 am.  Water Temp is 66 degrees, clear, with air temp 65 degrees just before the cold front. Heading West back to the bridge at FM 3121. Water temp is 65 degrees and clear.  There are shad balls on the surface on both sides of the bridge. Bass are schooling on shad at 7:20 am.  Going back further in Palo Gaucho creek about three (3) miles from bridge the water is stained with no current.  Water temp is 55 degrees now.  No bait balls on Hummingbird graph.  Fly fished 6 hours on a Mudfish 10 WT Short Flyer. Three (3) small Bass boated and one Crappie fooled!  Casting 4”-8” shad swimmer fly that is White/Black back.  Remember the lake is still 7′ low.  Normally this time of year, Bass will follow the shad back to the where the creek starts.

Lesson of the day:  Water temps in the Fall/Winter – if you see shad note the water temp.  Bass are close.  Change your game plan!  Mother Nature doesn’t have a yearly guides log book!

Winter is finally arriving —  28 degrees tonight in East Texas. 

Guides lesson for the day — See bait STOP and Fish…