This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 1/6/18.  The water temperature was 43-48 degrees within a 4-5 mile area in the Palo Gaucho flat of Toledo Bend.  The water was a little off color due to rain and we had three days of freezing weather earlier in the week.

Capt. Scooby was doing R&D for Bruce Sublett, Gulf and Ozark Flies.  He was testing a new design and a new color (a watermelon red spoon fly).  Bait was not present on graph recorder in 1-12 feet of water.  He then used several other flies that he normally catches fish on but no takers.  After trying 7-8 locations within a 5 mile area he came home with no grass pickles (bass).  So basically the rule of thumb is that after a cold front it may take a week or two for the fish to stabilize.  Some days chicken, some days feathers.

The pictures show the back country of Toledo Bend.  Enjoy the pictures.

This is another day in the life of a fly fisherman – AWESOME!!!

Mudfish Adventures – Every day is different and nothing is routine.

Tight Lines, Capt. Scooby