About Steve Stubbe

Hey mate, I am Capt. Steve Stubbe, I have been working and playing on the water since 1977 from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Canadian tundra – hunting, fishing, working, involved in several bass clubs, fishing tournaments, guided for the Sunshine kids fishing tournament (fresh & salt water) for several years, and attended seaman schools.

Breaking Bass Records on the Bend (Toledo Bend Lake, Texas)

Captain Steve Stubbe caught two record breaking Bass using Mudfish Adventures' uniquely designed one piece (7’ 7”) custom Fly Rod (The Short Flyer) on June 2, 2018. The Bass were weighed in at Fin & Feather Lodge and the paperwork was sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife. The first bass weighed 3.60 lbs. a new

Fishing Report – July 26, 2018

This is what Capt. Steve had to report the week of July 23, 2018. Scout day on Toledo Bend Texas USA. Just a Captain checking out the back country. Searching for Big Foot and Big Bass spawning areas. Here is the video. Big Foot and Big Bass areas.

Fishing Report – July 25, 2018

Capt. Steve took fly beginner, Jared Mills, out to the back country of Toledo Bend Texas USA One (1) Bass boated. Three (3) swings and misses. Jared has only 6 hours total with a Short Flyer fly rod. Great job. Here’s the video Jared took of the Gatortail boat ride in. Mission accomplished.

Fishing Report – July 9, 2018

Capt. Steve received a call at Mudfish Adventures in Hemphill (Toledo Bend) Texas to post this video of where he takes his customers to fish. Here is a video of a 4 minute boat ride. Enjoy.

Toledo Bend Fishing Report June 26, 2018

Lastest news from Capt. Steve - Hey crew. Full moon, Toledo Bend Texas USA, Evening 6:00-10:00 pm. Capt’s R&D night had the Big red wing double barrel topwater fly crafted by Mr. Bruce Sublett on my 10 wt Mudfish Short Flyer Fly Rod thinking that’s the fly I’ll wackem on. WRONG. 0 fish. Something happened.

Mudfish Adventures – Fishing Report June 7 2018

Latest news from Capt. Steve Stubbe Night bass on the fly. Bruce Sublett of Gulf and Ozark flies designed several glow minnow flies for Capt. Steve to break the bass record on Toledo Bend Texas USA. Mission accomplished. Two (2) bass over 3.5 lbs and several other bass were also caught during the night. The

Custom Mudfish Fly Rods – Fishing Report June 5, 2018

Latest News from Capt. Steve Stubbe Hey crew. A sneak peek at the Short Flyer 10 wt and 8 wt 7’7” one piece custom fly rods. This fly rod has been in developed for the BIG BASS in heavy cover here at Toledo Bend Texas. It’s taken two (2) plus years in developing the right



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