Toledo Bend Fishing Report – Week ending 5/14/17

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 5/14/17.  The water temperature stayed around 71-75 degrees.  There was a little rain this week at Toledo Bend and the water came up (2-3 inches to 171.5).  This made a perfect opportunity for Capt. Scooby to do some tree trimming to get his 1760 Gator-Tail into the back country shallow water.  He has been waiting to get in this special area all year!  This is what Capt. Scooby calls the “promise land” (for a record bass)!!  His first phone call was to Bruce Sublett  to give him the first opportunity to come up and fish this virgin water.  Bruce came up the next day and they got underway before first light and were in the promise land area ready to make their first cast before sun up.  Bruce Sublett brought his own equipment which was a 7 weight, Sage One rod with Allen Kranken 3 reel, Sage weight forward saltwater line with 20 lb. tippet.  Second rig was TFO Axiom 6 weight rod with Allen Trout 2 reel, unknown line and a 12 lb. fluorocarbon tippet.  Fishing was slow that day due to a front and a full moon.  Bruce tried his custom tied flies (Whitlock swimming bait fish in Shad color, the baby bass Gamechanger, and the Death to Crappie fly).  Bruce’s results:  swings, misses, short strikes, one bass on the Gamechanger and one catfish on the Death to Crappie fly (see picture of flies).  Capt. Scooby wanted to know if the fish were there or not, so he picked up his Mudfish brand rod (see picture) rigged for conventional and caught four bass (1-3 pounds) on a Blue Color Zoom Speedcraw (plastic), with a 2/O EWG hook, with a ¼ oz. bullet weight.

In the promise land, there is an opportunity to catch a trophy bass.  You can present a fly on top water or a subsurface –  to open water spots, cypress tree stumps, lay downs, logs, lily pads, weed lines, feeder creeks.  This one spot has it all.

So yes, some days they bite “flies” and some days they bite “plastics”.  Word for wise — try it all!  It’s just a fishing trip – so enjoy the outing with friends!

On a special note:  Capt. Scooby was thankful that Bruce took his time to come fish and was so giving of his vast knowledge of fly fishing.  Thanks Bruce!

Mudfish AdventuresEvery day is different and nothing is routine.

Tight Lines, Capt. Scooby

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Hey mate, I am Capt. Steve Stubbe, I have been working and playing on the water since 1977 from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Canadian tundra – hunting, fishing, working, involved in several bass clubs, fishing tournaments, guided for the Sunshine kids fishing tournament (fresh & salt water) for several years, and attended seaman schools.



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