Toledo Bend Fishing Report – May 19, 2017

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 5/19/17.  The water temperature stayed around 75-80 degrees.  The rain gauge showed 4 inches in the Hemphill area and the water came up to 171.8 and full pool is 172 on the Toledo Bend Reservoir (Texas side).

As of last week, Bruce Sublett the owner of left Capt. Scooby with some of his flies to try out (a Whitlock swimming bait fish in Shad color, the Baby Bass Gamechanger, Stealth Goober in green and black).  Also he was trying out another gamechanger that is a one of a kind experimental weighted fly with a chartreuse tail that was designed and tied by Bill Huegel, of Conroe, TX.  Capt. Scooby went out to the promise land at day break and tried these flies (see pictures).  He caught fish on the Stealth goober but nothing on the gamechanger yet.  The fly rod used was an Orvis 8 weight mid flex H2O with an 8 weight Mirage Reel with a saltwater weight forward fly line with a four foot tippet of 10 pound fluorocarbon. The second rod and reel set up was a 6 weight tip flex Orvis rod with a floating line 6 foot of 8 pound mono for topwater flies (see picture).

The next time out he is going to try a different set up for the Gamechanger fly.  The reel will have a 330 grain weight forward fly line with a 10 pound fluorocarbon.  Capt. Scooby made a phone call to Scott Fossum of Clear Lake, TX who is having success in South Texas using the gamechanger fly for bass.  He gave him advice and pointers on how to use the gamechanger fly on Toledo Bend.  Go deeper with this fly and retrieve slower.  Results coming soon.  Thanks Scott!

The result for the day was:  topwater bite only, no subsurface bite.  This was another day in the back country where you have shallow water (1-4 feet) with wind, rain and bright skies.  Every day is a challenge for a bass fly fisherman.  Corndogs and beans for dinner, again!

The water temperature in coming up to the 80s so the bass should start schooling in the back country from 10 a.m. to midday.  So be looking for schooling fish (bass, stripers, or white bass).  Be on the lookout for nervous water.  Have fun!

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Tight Lines, Capt. Scooby

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