About Steve Stubbe

Hey mate, I am Capt. Steve Stubbe, I have been working and playing on the water since 1977 from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Canadian tundra – hunting, fishing, working, involved in several bass clubs, fishing tournaments, guided for the Sunshine kids fishing tournament (fresh & salt water) for several years, and attended seaman schools.

Toledo Bend Fishing Report – April 28-29, 2017

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 4/29/17. The water temperature was 74 degrees. The water was a little off color due to rain earlier in the week. Dr. Bill S. from Coldspring, TX came up again and brought his wife Tamara to experience the Mudfish Adventure. This was her

Fishing Report – April 23-24

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 4/24/17. The water temperature stayed around 73 degrees. The water was clearing in the back country. As the summer fishing pattern kicks in the fishing will get better and better. Get-Away-Weekend on Beautiful Lake Toledo Bend Brad & Terry V. from Houston, TX

Fishing Report – April 6-10

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report this week.  The water level was 169.2, water clarity still stained, and the water temperature was 69-75 degrees.  Andrew Mills from Hemphill, TX went out scouting with Capt. Scooby one evening and the magic surface temperature when they caught fish was 73 degrees. These are the baits

Toledo Bend Fishing Report 3-31-17

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 3/31/17.  The water temperature was 70-75 degrees from the bridge at FM 3121 to the west bank of the Palo Gaucho area on Thursday night.  The water clarity was a little stained in the back country but had about a 6 inch visibility. 

Toledo Bend Fishing Report 3-25-17

This is what Capt. Scooby had to report for the week ending 3/25/17.  The water temperature was 73 degrees from the bridge at FM 3121 to the west bank of the Palo Gaucho area on Wednesday night.  At about 5 p.m. Capt. Scooby started testing the waters with: A Stanley spinner bait double willow,

Toledo Bend Fishing Report 3-17-17

Capt. Scooby had two newbie’s (a 14 & 18 yr. old) during Spring Break that had never been in a boat, never fished and never experienced the lake life. He instructed them how to cast a rod and reel, tie a fishing knot, bait a hook and catch a fish - the basics. They

Fly Fishing Texas – March 11 2017

Special Event Next Weekend Capt. Scooby is getting everything ready for the Fly Fish Texas event in Athens, TX on March 11. This venue will have 500-1500 people in attendance. Check out the website link and speaker tab for details. Capt. Scooby will be speaking at 1:00 p.m. at this venue. His topic is Mudfish

Toledo Bend Fishing Report 2-23-17

Water temperature about 66 degrees. Typical Capt. out scouting for bass for his customers for the week. I snagged into a 4.72 lb. bass on a Chartreuse Clouser Minnow Fly on an 8 wt. Orvis H2 rod with a floating line and twisted leader in about 2-4 ft. of water in the back country. Sorry

Toledo Bend Fishing Report 2-10-17

Bass are starting to spawn on Toledo Bend in the Palo Gaucho area and Mid Lake (west side bank). Water temp. running 62-70 degrees. Bruce Sublett of Gulf and Ozark Flies designed a custom fly named the Bogus Hog color all white with a 4" rabbit tail. Capt. Steve (Scooby) used this fly on 8

Toledo Bend Fishing Report – 2-5-17

Hey folks, the bass have red tails now. Fill in the blanks. It's almost here, full moon this week. If you are looking for that trophy bass. Three days before the full moon and three days after the full moon, check your solar calendar. Key water level 4 foot or less. Good Luck. Speaking of



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1-2 People for 2 hours - $225 (Mon-Sat)

Mudfish Adventures will be using a custom 17'60" Aluminum Gator Tail mud motor type boat.  Come light and bring only what you need for your trip.

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